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THE 62ND SESSION OF THE UNITED NATIONS COMMISSION ON THE STATUS OF WOMEN (CSW62) The 62nd session of the UN commission on the status of women took place at the United Nations Headquarters in New York from 12-23 March 2018. I was a delegate to this meeting and participated as a representative of the Virginia Guildersleeve International Fund ( In a few short blogs over a short period, join me as we relive the UN CSW 2018 experience. For a start, lets explore a brief history of CSW:   A Brief History of the CSW The Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) first met at Lake Success, New York, in February 1947, soon after the founding of the United Nations. All 15 government representatives were women. From its inception, the Commission was supported by a unit of the United Nations that later became the Division for the Advancement of Women (DAW) in the UN Secretariat. The CSW forged a close relationship with non-governmental organizations, with those in consultative

The Role of Parents in Curbing Math Anxiety among Girls

In order to understand the role of parents in curbing mathematical anxiety particularly among girls, it is paramount to understand what the term mathematical anxiety refers to.  According to Ashcroft (2002), mathematical anxiety is the feeling of fear, tension and apprehension that affects a student’s performance in mathematics. It is basically the anxiety that one develops regarding their ability to do mathematics. This type of anxiety is significantly considered in evaluating the students’ problems related to mathematics. In most cases, mathematical anxiety manifests in women. It is often believed that younger female scholars are more interested in social relations during their teenage years and hence they develop anxiety towards sciences and mathematics. It is also thought that in comparison to men, women have a higher likelihood of developing mathematical anxiety. This is because of societal pressures and women’s perceptions of mathematics. Mathematics teachers’ behaviors a