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Developing Countries Beware of Some Western Products: They are Not Eating Many of the Foods or Using Many of the Products They’re Dumping at Us the Same Time They’re Taking Some of Our Best: Part II

In Part I of this blog, I discussed how the brain-drain factor, medical tourisms, and increased consumption and preference for processed foods were decimating our lives in the developing countries while the West avoided these products, developed their healthcare sectors, and prospered in health. Like I stated in that Part I installment, it was not my purpose to provoke an unnecessary hysteria regarding some imported products we might believe are luxury items, or to blame the West for all our woes in the Third World. However, I felt persuaded to bring to light certain issues that are negatively affecting our lives in Nigeria and other developing countries. My urge to proffer these suggestions did not only stem from what I have read in published data, but from my personal experience and observation, being a citizen and resident of Nigeria and having travelled widely around the world. Like I stated before, I have been shocked as I saw how the “Oyinbos” live and contrasted it with how we