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Sub-Saharan Africa's Low Life Expectancy (2017): Nigeria is the Third Worst Case

Are We All Dying Off in Africa? Last week as I pondered on the number of deaths of young and middle-aged Nigerians who were below or around 50 years that I have become aware of, I began to wonder about life expectancy in Nigeria. The deaths that aroused my curiosity have cut across people of both genders and all walks of life and of various educational and income levels. It has also cut across all the regions of Nigeria with only slight regional variations. I worried that Nigerians of all categories were dying young. Then as I discussed my concern with a friend who normally sees everything in numbers, we brooded over the overall life expectancy of Sub-Saharan African countries. We wondered about what the trend of those life expectancy numbers would look like and what it may portend for our survival as a people. We believed that life expectancy was going down in Africa. Of course, this was a widespread opinion. So, we were worried that if our life expectancy was going down, Sub-