Historical Walking Tour of Monterey, Friday 21st February, 2020.

Hi again everyone,
As promised, I am sharing some activities of my stay at Monterrey, starting with the fun part this Friday, 21 February, 2020 😃
Although the morning of Friday saw us taking a very important lecture from Dr. Nikolai Sokov via Zoom from the Vienna Center for Disarmament and nonproliferation, nonetheless, we were able to go on a historic tour of Monterrey as part of the course on cultural exchange. The magical tour is conducted by a wonderful lady, Ms. Monica Hudson (https://www.calegacytours.com). We met in front of the CNS Building and had a two hours magical tour from 12-2.00 pm. The historic tour is better told in pictures and that is what I will be doing here.

Start of the tour, meet up in front of the CNS building. Left to right, Monica, Anastasia N, Anastasia B, Rabia, Hanna and Ozge.

Photo speak:

Someone is photo bombing 😂

Entrance to the Old Whaling Station

The cobblestone entrance to the Whaling Station, made in part with whale rib bone.

          In front of the first Theater House in Monterey with Hanna, Anastasia and Ozge
The Olden bathroom in the whaling station

                      The restored bedroom in the Whaling House, now rented out for weddings


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