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American Generosity - Part II

Greetings On September 17, 2020, I published the first part of my thoughts about American generosity. I intended to conclude that narration in this Part II, one month later, but situations kept making it difficult. I am glad I can now finish what I have truly seen about the generosity of Americans on both personal levels and collectively as a nation. A (re)Introduction A superficial view of current news about racial, ideological, and political tensions in America would suggest that America is an unkind and tumultuous country. However, such a shallow perspective of Americans’ kindness is extremely far from the truth because Americans' generosity is beyond compare in particular, considering how Americans are certainly typically willing to welcome guests who are entirely unknown to them.  Being a country with a low uncertainty avoidance index, America has a culture of sacrificing for foreigners, notwithstanding the religious, cultural, political, and other inclinations of the foreigne